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It’s Not About the Spike

It’s Not About the Spike Or, the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up By Galan* Rupp I was hurt by the accusations. I’ve done my best to represent this country, and I’ve proven time and time again that the American Dream is real. I’ve suffered every hardship known to man and still come out in top […]

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Breaking news from the Nike Oregon Project Camp! While message board rumors and the grumblings of both non-elites and elites alike have been known for several years, the speculations turned to fact when CONTROVERSIAL NEWS was leaked in an E! NEWS broadcast yesterday. Yes, what we’ve all been talking about for YEARS, The Nike Oregon […]

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Flotrack Announces World Youth Beer Mile Championships

Last week’s World Beer Mile Championships brought record viewers to the host site Flotrack.org. Despite the wild success of the live stream, the site owners faced heavy criticism for giving so much attention to an event on a site frequented by minors. Never one to hide from the press, Flotrack has come up with an […]

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Nike leaves track and field–other companies forced to develop new marketing strategies

Turns out the rumors of an alleged 500 million dollar and 23 year partnership extension between Nike and USATF were completely false. When contacted for further questioning about the rumored contract extension, USATF executive Max Siegel had this to say, “No.  That is completely false. It’s actually the exact opposite.  Nike decided to pull funding […]

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EatRunSwag’s BEST and WORST 2013

First a public service announcement: Do not. I REPEAT-DO NOT- Drink and drive tonight.  Have a fun and SAFE New Year’s Eve, or you may end up like Pre. Now, that being said, I hope everybody has some wicked  New Year’s plans tonight!  The best place to be is USUALLY Austin, Texas, as just about […]

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Death Valley Cancels 2014 Summer Ultras to do Research on Perfect “Color Run” Route

Happy Holidays y’all, hope everybody got some snazzy new running gear. You might have heard the recent news that 2014’s Badwater Ultra Marathon, the famous race for crazy people who enjoy running until they have melted through several layers of skin and achieve hallucinations akin to a bad peyote trip, has been moved out of […]

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BYU Runner Ineligible for being Mormon

Update on your untrustworthy inconsistent blogger friend: Hey y’all, I’ve been off running marathons and such.  Debuted in Detroit with a 2:20:11, so now my sights are set on doing better at Boston 2014 (I got in!).  I sucked in college but at least I’m halfway OK at the longer crap.  If anybody wants to […]

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While our current Government Shutdown is effecting many aspects of society, runners across the country are pretty pissed that the National Parks Service has been shutdown.  I am one of those runners who is pissed about this. A bunch of grown-ass men cannot come to an agreement and because of this we can’t enjoy spending […]

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Mo Farah in the Illuminati: PROOF.

Mo Farah has been doing pretty well lately. Some might say he’s on… FIRE. Fire Satan. Hell. IT’S ALL CLEAR NOW. MO FARAH SOLD HIS SOUL TO BE IN THE ILLUMINATI SO HE COULD BE THE WORLD’S BEST RUNNER!!!!!1111!!! I don’t know how we didn’t all see this before.  How did this Brit rise to […]

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Berlino tests positive for banned substance: Is anybody clean??

It’s no secret that our sport has taken a lot of shit for some of the top athletes cheating lately But to add to the horrible press our sport has gotten lately, we suffered yet another heartbreaking blow today with the news of Berlino the bear testing positive for PED’s. WHO IS BERLINO you ask? […]

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